Fading Away From Old Friendships

It is a liberating yet discouraging feeling when you begin to fade away from people you had once had a strong relationship with.

You change as you grow up- this is a well known fact. You broaden your mind, you change your interests, your personality matures, you figure out who you are. You slowly become who you are going to be for the rest of your life. 

When you begin to grow into the person you are going to become, you may subtly or drastically change from the person you once were. Sometimes, this difference sets you apart from the only people you have known since kindergarten.

These people you have known for basically forever may not always support you in this self-revision. I mean, can you blame them? A person they have spent the majority of their free time with- seemingly gone; poof! Just like that. 

In rare occasions, you have that one person- from Pre-K, from fifth grade, from last year-completely and entirely supporting you in each one of your personal endeavors. These are the friends-the friends that are considered family- that you keep. That you hold close.

It is okay to be disheartened when your closest friends can not support you in your life decisions.  but that is their problem; never apologize for becoming a different, better, a “more-you” person.

It is heartbreaking when old friends don’t have that same urge, that same need to keep updated on your life. It leads you to ask yourself things like, is this change bad? Is this now who I am suppose to be? How come they don’t like who I am becoming?

If YOU are choosing who YOU wanna be, then it is not wrong. Don’t be stuck in your past self because you are scared of what people think.

They may not like who you are becoming; again, this is not your fault. It means they just were not meant to continue on as part of your life. It’s sad, but it happens to everyone.

It is an incredibly fulfilling realization that you have control over who you will be in your life. It’s been said before, and it’s simple: The people who are worth keeping around are the ones who fully support and love you.

Don’t be afraid. Be yourself. Live the life you want for yourself. The right people will come along and love you for who you truly are.


Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

2 thoughts on “Fading Away From Old Friendships”

  1. We always grow, and that is a fact for everyone. Once in a blue moon, there’ll be an individual who hasn’t changed (too much) since grammar/high school, and sometimes that can be a little disconcerting.

    Great post. I’m “friends” with old friends on Facebook, but do we talk? Can’t say that we do. It’s nice to watch people grow though, I have to admit. It’s a good thing!

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