Short Story: The Christmas Visit

Thank you to Gracie and Darran for this lovely theme idea- A Christmas Present You Didn’t Want! I decided to “mimick” this and make the idea into my own.

Just so it is known to anyone reading this, I am using this theme just for the sake of creative writing- this is a completely made-up story that has never happened to me before!

I am also aware it is not Christmas time, but it is never too early to get in the holiday spirit right? 🙂

Hope you enjoy! ❤

I was completely heart broken about having to leave my home. It was seemingly filled top to bottom with new presents from Santa. I cried and cried for my mummy to just let me stay home so I could play with everything. My hands were aching to drive around with my new toy fire truck, and even though it was bitter cold out, I wanted daddy to take me outside to play catch with my new ball.

Despite my incessant wailing, refusing to leave my bedroom to get in the car, mummy still made me take this long, agonizing, dull trip. I don’t remember the car ride itself, because I think my tears had finally put me to sleep. Daddy woke me up and told me I had to walk myself into my nanny’s home. He didn’t carry me like he usually does.

When we walked in, my daddy had to write our names down on a desk that was in the entry way. I plugged my nose like little kids do when they cannonball into a swimming pool; the smell that painted this place was incredibly displeasing. I guess the smell didn’t bother mummy, because she told me to stop and be polite.

We walked down a few long hallways to my nanny’s room. Once in nanny’s bedroom, I hid behind my mummy, which had been my comfort zone for all my six years.

Daddy went and kissed nanny on the cheek and took a seat by her bed. Mummy chose a chair by the door and pulled me up onto her lap while snuggling her arms around me. We sat like that for a while.

  I watched daddy, who kept his eyes on nanny, telling her about how much of a big boy I am. I was too scared to talk, so I kept hiding my face behind mummy’s arms. Nanny didn’t say anything either, though. Nanny never really talked as much as she used to. I just don’t think she has anything to say.

I couldn’t sit anymore, so I pulled out of mummy’s arms and started walking around nanny’s room. There are no pictures, or candles, or flowers like nanny’s old house used to have. I don’t know why she moved to a different house and why mummy and daddy have been taking me to see her so often.

I kept asking mummy if I could go home and play with my toys now. She kept telling me to be patient, my toys will be at home waiting for me.

“Now though, mummy. Now. Now. Please now. I wanna go home, I’m bored.”

Finally, daddy kissed nanny’s cheek again and said we could go home. I was so happy to go home and play with my new firetruck.

Daddy picked me up because he wanted me to say goodbye to nanny. I held on to daddy with both my hands, anxiously gripping his back. As we walked closer to the bed, I noticed how my nanny’s eyes were watching me. She had a funny looking smile on her face. I could see her mouth twitching, like she was trying to say something to me. Nothing came out of her mouth.

I remembered the times when I was littler at my nanny’s house. We would play games together, eat popsicles, and go to the playground.

Daddy leaned down so I could give her a hug. I wrapped my arms around her, but only one of her arms loosely reached hold of me. I said “love you, nanny” as daddy carried me away and out of nanny’s house.

“Nanny’s really sick,” daddy told me when we were driving home. “Her brain isn’t letting her talk to us or even move.”

I sat there and let my naive, innocent, 6-year-old mind fully capture what daddy was telling me. It was hard for me to comprehend that my once lively, happy, outgoing nanny was now sick.

I still remember this day, over twenty years later. I remember reluctantly going to see my nanny. I remember the hug I gave her, and me reminding my nanny that I loved her.

What I don’t remember is the firetruck Santa left for me under the Christmas tree.


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