Finding the Hope in the World

We all are painfully aware of all the horror  as well as all the pain and suffering that is seemingly taking over the world. During these times, when bad news is really ALL the news we see on TV, it becomes more important than ever to remember the generosity we can still find in the world, the hope that can be found when our heart hurts more than ever, and the faith we can believe in when it seems nearly impossible.

I wanted to find what gave each person hope  while encouraging people to look out at the world with a more positive perspective as well as looking in on themselves to answer a surprisingly difficult question: what gives you hope?

my question

For some, they answered with what I personally believe most would answer: their family and friends giving them love, support, and encouragement. These are the type of people we all need in our lives~

family 2

family 3

family 4



Then, there are some that have the astonishing capability of looking past the cruelty and small-mindedness of the world and manage to see the greatness that, in fact, does fill this earth.

It is important for people to recognize the greatness in themselves, and for them to understand the powerful impact that they can truly have on the people surrounding them~

good people 2

good people 3

good people 4

good people 6

good people

good poeple 6


If you have a pet, you know how heart warming their love can be; pets see the best in everyone and everything they come in contact with, and have such unconditional love-

Why can’t we all have unconditional love for EVERYONE  like our pets do for us?

We could all learn a thing or two from our furry friends~

pets 2




Some of my favorite kinds of people are the people that dedicate their careers, what they do each and every day towards making at least ONE person’s life better.

If you’re like me, you also have a hobby that fills you with a sense of belonging, peace, and optimism that is difficult to find unless you are doing something you love~

carrierxhobby 2

carrierxhobby 3


carrierxhobby 4

(Video embedded below)


A lot of people are so naturally encouraged, happy and positive that they not only look but also find hope in the little things we are constantly surrounded by~

little thingsabby

We can’t have HOPE without FAITH.

Faith in anything- God, yourself, family, the world… just faith~faith 2


The search for hope, the reassurance of hope’s existence, and the widening of hope does not end here; my wish for you is to continue to find the hope that likes to hide throughout your life. My wish for you is to grab that hope, hold on to it, embrace it, and share it with every single person you come across.



Comment and share with me~

What gives you hope?

Who in your life helps you believe in a better world?

How do you spread hope throughout your life?

I will leave you all with this lovely video.



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