Bullet Journaling

This semester, my goal was to become more organized. I have a lot more on my plate this time around at school with my full class schedule, working on campus as a tutor, and of course keeping up with my newly started blog!

What better way to become more organized and more productive than with a bullet journal!


For anyone who does not know what a bullet journal is, it is simply a way for you to keep your life organized.

The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.



You can use your bullet journal in anyway that deems fit for you. You can include to do lists, appointments, goals, phone numbers or addresses, motivating quotes, or even events. You can draw your own monthly calendar into the notebook. Write reminders for yourself.Do you need a special notebook? No! You can do it with any notebook you have laying around at home. For me I’m gonna take the simpler route and not get too detailed with my journal, but they’re plenty of others out there who can include lots of detail in theirs and kudos to them!

This is the one I decided to use; I wanted to buy a fancier one to keep me inspired to keep using it, because I have the bad tendency of starting a project but never actually finishing it.

bullet jouranl 3

But, like I said, you can use any old notebook you want!

The first thing most people do with the bullet journal is include an index; I have not created one in my journal yet and I am not sure I will. I have seen plenty of people throughout the internet, however, who really find it beneficial to include an index.

My goal for this bullet journal is to sit down every night and write to-do list’s for the next day. For me, it will include homework I need to get done, any studying (I’ll include a time frame for this task specifically), chores, tutoring sessions I’ll have to run, and yes- how many chapters in a book I wanna read and if I wanna watch any episodes on Netflix.

Why am I including Netflix and reading?

~Well, obviously they unfortunately do not take priority over the  other tasks in my journal. I’m gonna use this as sort of a way to make my to do list seem less daunting. Also, it is very important for everyone to have some personal time every day to unwind from your crazy schedule. For me, this will include Netflix and reading. Most likely Netflix as a break from the day and reading before I go to sleep.

~Not only do I include these leisure activities to ensure relaxation, I include them as a way to limit myself. If I only have “Read one chapter” written, then I will only read the one chapter. (This will be the toughest part for me!)

Another goal I have is to do some writing in the journal as well. Whether it be a blurb about my day, a short story, a rant, or a blog idea- this is the journal it will go in. This will be my fun activity to do in the journal. But, yours can be different- you can journal your favorite memories as they happen, your favorite song lyrics, inspirational quotes, or keep strictly to your to do lists!

Some people use their bullet journal to keep track of their appointments, meetings, or due dates by drawing a calendar in the journal or creating a schedule. Personally, I’m gonna stick to using my planner for this. In my planner I have a monthly calendar, which is where I include all my due dates for school. I highlight them according to what the assignment is: blue for a test or yellow for a homework assignment that is due. After the monthly calendar, I have each day of the month listed with a list of times (6AM-8PM) This is where I jot down my meetings, class times, and anything else of the sort.

Back to the bullet journal. A fun thing to do is getting different colored pens and color code your  to do lists. For me, here’s my color coding system:


I know color coding is not for every one, but it makes the tiny bit of OCD inside of me happy.

Another option for your bullet journal is to create symbols to represent something that you’ll use when checking off your to do list. Some suggestions would be:

√= Completed

X= Cancelled

• = Partially done

→ = Moved to another day

~Remember, you can use any symbol you  want for your journal, and it can represent anything! Be creative!

~Also, the goal of a bullet journal is to increase productivity and prevent procrastination, so try not to be too comfortable with moving an important task til the next day! (Also another problem I will have!)

The beauty of the bullet journal is you can pretty much do anything you want with it in order to ensure your own productivity. It’s your journal! You create your own ideas and make your own rules.

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I hope this post can inspire you to start your own bullet journal!

I plan on adding more to my bullet journal for the weeks to come in regards to designs, ideas, and (hopefull!) much else! Once I really get a hold on bullet journaling, I’ll make a new post with more ideas I can share with you guys.

If you already have your own bullet journal or other organizational method, leave a comment below and let me know what it is!