22 Things in 22 Years

  1. A bad night won’t last forever.
  2. Have patience.. with everything. It can really go a long way.
  3. Take whatever career path you desire, even if it’s not guaranteed to make you a lot of money. Your happiness means more than money every damn time.
  4. The only key to your happiness is within yourself. Your happiness is not someone else’s responsibility.
  5. To continue off that, just because you have a boyfriend does not mean your life will be perfect. You just have someone to comfort you when life isn’t perfect.
  6. And to continue off that, your life will never be perfect. Roll with the punches.
  7. Shit happens to everyone, got that? You’re not the only one going through shit.
  8. Smile in your selfies, even if it shows your eye wrinkles.
  9. Everything has the potential of being temporary: that boy, a friend, this feeling.
  10. Enjoy what is good while you can, and exercise your patience while it’s bad.
  11. High school is not the best years of your life. 
  12. Exercising is good, but so is that pizza.
  13. When in doubt: Treat. Yo. Self.
  14. Life is too short to put up with shitty people.
  15. It’s important to learn to appreciate your alone time.
  16. People may disappoint you, but that is not always a true indicator of their character.
  17. Treat everyone like they are your best friend.
  18. Never go to bed mad at someone, especially your child, parent, or significant other. You know what they say about not knowing what tomorrow will bring…
  19. People are different. This shouldn’t scare you. Differences are beautiful.
  20. Popcorn completes a movie.
  21. Love always wins.
  22. There is no other person in the world like you. There is no one else you were meant to be. You are you, and you are beautiful. ❤22

Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

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