Wake up and smell the roses?

More like, wake up and smell the hectic schedule ahead of you.

From the moment your eyes open, it seems you are already stressed about the day ahead.

You’re bed is so comfortable, such a warm and safe place, and you don’t wanna get up because you don’t wanna deal with the world.

You inhale your coffee or tea, throw some bread in the toaster, all while dreaming about the moment you will finally be able to rest your already worn-out  head.

You scroll through your phone, updating yourself on the world news, missed text messages, and important work-related emails.

You checked your email before your restless night of sleep, so why is your inbox filled yet again?

You know the day ahead of you is filled with stress, work, studying, exams… you should really pick up the pace and get to class, but knowing this only makes you drag your feet more.

It’s hard to be excited for the upcoming weekend when you know you work the late shift at work, or that you’ll be stuck at the library late studying.

You throw on your coat. You get going. You sit in your car. You start your walk.

It’s just another day in your chaotic life.

Life is busy and you’re tired.

We’re so young, but we are so overwhelmed and stressed.

We’re so young, but we are suppose to be having fun and enjoying life.

We’re so young, but how did we get so old?


Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

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