Life Update: School, Reading, Music, and Disney

Something amazing happened today.

I actually logged onto my blog.

I have been meaning to blog since, like September… yikes, I know.

Because of school, my life had gotten so crazy. Fall semester of junior year of OT school is known for being one of the most difficult, and after experiencing it myself I do not disagree. Each day of last semester was spent studying, studying, and more studying. I barely had free time at all; even when I was home on break I still had studying to do. SO not fair, but ’tis life.

However, I made it through- and successfully, if I may add. *pats self on back*. I got the highest GPA of my college career and made it on Dean’s List. Now, to only keep the aforementioned study habits up…

It probably goes without saying, but both writing and reading was put on a back burner since August. The only book I finished since August was Leave Me by Gayle Forman. (Which was pretty great! I got to meet Gayle in October and have her sign this book- right before I scurried over to my local coffee shop to start it! It took me two months to finish it, but, I finished it.)

I started several books, including The Princess Diarist and Thirteen Reasons Why, but never felt the urge to finish them, even though I had really been enjoying the books. It is quite the awful reading slump

***I think it is important to mention I am still buying books ugh of course THAT does not stop***

Christmas break was absolutely wonderful. I finally got a break from studying and got some hours in at work, so I wasn’t *as* broke as I had been in the fall. It was nice to finally relax and not worry about when my next exam was.


It was one of the most wonderful weeks I’ve had in a long time, and my weeks back at school for spring semester have been spent wishing I was back in the happiest place on earth.

Spring semester brings me with less of a course load, but I will also be tutoring and starting my first level 1 fieldwork. So, my schedule is busier, but here I am madly hoping my stress levels are not as high this time around.

I am hoping to get more reading done this semester, but I am also trying not to put too much pressure on myself to do so because I have found that stresses me out even more. My goal is to control my emotions, anxiety, etc more- because in the end, you are in control of how you feel. (Yeah, I know, I am still learning this myself…)

One thing that has been kind of by my side throughout the whirlwind that is junior year is music. It sounds silly I know, but it has been there for me through it all. When I’m stressing over finishing a research paper, when I am studying for an oral practical (THOSE ARE THE WORST BTW), or when I’m just feeling lonely, music is there. I have discovered more artists and bands that touch my soul and it has been glorious. (The Rolling Stones are proving to be wonderful writing music, btw.)

There is just nothing stressful about just simply putting on your headphones and letting the music take over from there. It is the best.

Anyyyyyway, thanks for reading this ramble of a blog post and I hope it was at least somewhat interesting! I hope to be posting more, but if there is anything you want to see from me just let me know in the comments! What music do you like? How do you like to de-stress? Leave me a comment!


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2 thoughts on “Life Update: School, Reading, Music, and Disney”

  1. The Stones!! Yes, Monkey Man, Turner Diary, the list goes one. You have good taste 😉 Congratulations on making the Dean’s List!! You have such a huge workload, but it’s paying off. Happy for you!

    As for destressing — well, I like to designate a small guilt-free hour at the end of the day for doing whatever I want to do, whether it’s reading, or playing Candy Crush, or watching an episode on Netflix — just something that isn’t work or deadline related. Of course, some deadlines will take precedence over that leisure hour, but for the most part, this hour is achievable. The most important part of it is that it’s guilt-free: I won’t feel bad for it because it’s my hour. There’s 24 hours in a day, we’re entitled at least one of them for ourselves (besides sleeping)!

    Glad you’re hanging in there 🙂

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