I Wanna Write.

I wanna write, to learn who I am, and who I wanna be.


I wanna write

To release all my emotions:

My fury, my depression, my elation, my calamity.

I wanna write

To impress others by showing them

Yes, I can actually be good at something.  This is me. I’m a writer.

I wanna write

To be creative

To free the part of my brain that so often gets hidden in the midst of a serious and painful reality.

I wanna write

Because it’s easier than talking to people

My words are too  often frozen and cemented on my tongue.

I wanna write

To show others who I am

And to unleash my soul onto them.

But, this begs my next question…

Who even am I?

I don’t even know who I am.

I wanna write

To learn who I am

And who I wanna be.

heart b

Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

3 thoughts on “I Wanna Write.”

  1. Yes. I feel this 100% I always start to toy with writing because of all these reasons and then get too scared that I might be figuring it all out. Do you ever get worried that once you figure yourself out then you’ll have no reason to write anymore? Maybe that’s just me. Either way, I really loved this!

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