Guest Post: Our Infinite Galaxies by Tyler Turner

Hello, lovelies! Today I bring to you my first guest post in a series I am starting. It is written and contributed by my friend, Tyler!

I have been searching for writers interested in doing a guest post for me; the prompt that I give the interested writers is: what makes you unique? What makes you different from the friends. family, acquaintances surrounding you?

I let the writers “fly away” with this idea, allowing them to look into themselves in order to express what they see as unique about themselves. Though I assist them with a writing prompt, the rest is up to them as to what they personally believe makes them unique and special as an individual. (It’s obviously not something I can decide for them!)

Tyler’s writing is the first post I have received in response to my writing prompt, and it is the perfect post to lead the other writers who are interested in doing a guest post for me.

I hope you enjoy taking the time to read this post by Tyler, because not only is it incredibly well written but it lets us into the world of a fascinating, special human that has so much to offer the world- which, is my main goal with my guest posts. I want to show off the goodness and individuality of as many people as I can.

If you are interested in writing a guest post for me, please feel free to let me know- I would love to feature you on my blog!


Our Infinite Galaxies

Tyler Turner

You know that feeling you get when you look up at the stars in the night sky? When the infinite universe is stretched out above you and you feel indescribably small? If you’re anything like me, which I bet you are, that feeling is both exhilarating and terrifying.

Who am I?

In that sense, I guess I’m just like you, gazing out into the abyss.

There must be more. Sometimes I wish when we looked into each other’s eyes we got that feeling. That feeling like we were gazing into a complex universe. After all, each one of us filled with our own galaxies and planets, shaped by our lives.

Who am I?

I am a complex galaxy.

I think we forget that. I think we forget just how complex we truly are.

I am a twenty-four-year-old from North Carolina. Growing up in middleclass, suburban American, I was blessed to have friends of all different nationalities and backgrounds. Most of my friends didn’t look anything like me and I wouldn’t have asked for it any other way.

As a child, I remember seeing those galaxies. I remember the wonder of making a new friend. The thrill of going to their house for the first time and wondering what it would smell like? What kind of food did they eat?

It wasn’t until I got older that I noticed how we seem to lose that spark. How we began to no longer see the infinite light within each other.

I started to grapple with the fact that I was a black kid growing up in America. The protection my parents had given me could only last so long. One look on the television screen proves the rampant prejudice and racism that runs through our nation.  I realized that people would not always look at what was inside of me. They would not be concerned by my hopes and dreams; they would be blinded by their own hatred.

Who am I?

Maybe I’m afraid like you. I worry about our country, our world. I worry about the marginalized members of our society. Those mistreated for their beliefs or the color of the skin. I’ve been on the receiving end of that injustice. I’ve felt the sting of inequality. When did we become so blinded by what’s on the outside and forget the true depth of each and every one of us?

Who am I?

I’m hopeful, and I can only wish that you are too.

I believe we can make a change. The world desperately needs us. I believe it begins with how we see each other. Not classified by our dividing lines, but united by our humanity. United by our infinite galaxies.

So once more…who am I? What’s a glimpse of my galaxy?

My name is Tyler. I am an aspiring author. I love fantasy and have always spent much time creating fictional worlds. I’ve always been a natural leader. This was a gift I found at a young age. I also suffer from anxiety and mild depression. Sometimes it feels unbearable. Writing is truly one of my favorite escapes. Above all else, I am a follower of Jesus and believe that all of us were made in His image.

I thought about how I could write about something unique about myself. Something that I thought would make me stand out from other people, but then I looked up into the night sky. It reminded me that we are all not so different, after all.

On the surface we are all human and underneath we are infinitely complex like galaxies of stars, but somewhere in between, we all have the same desire to be loved, excepted, to feel as though we have a purpose here.

Here I am. A complex human being, just like you. I am filled with my hopes, desires, dreams, and love.

heart b


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