But each life is good,
each life is different,
each life has its mountains.


Every individual day is different.

Some days, I feel invisible

Like the world seems to dismiss my being.

If I laid in bed and turned off my phone all day,

would anyone be concerned of my absence?

Would my dear old friends,

leave me a voicemail

expressing their care?

Would my neighbors across the street

notice that I didn’t walk outside to check the mail

or take out the garbage?

Would my professor notice the empty seat in class,

and instead of grading my absence,

they would fill up with unease?

Oh, these thoughts haunt my brain sometimes;

yes, but sometimes they don’t.


I am filled with a life of love and laughter,

and a life of opportunity and achievement.

My life has immeasurable blessings.

Though sometimes I don’t feel it,

I know it is there.

The love surrounds me,

the laughter reassures my sanity.

The opportunity and achievement

pulls me out of bed every morning

saying, “You can do this, keep on pushing.”

The blessings often take be my surprise,

and I remember to practice humility.

Whether or not I feel it,

it is there, I tell myself

it is there.


There is good and bad in life.

Exciting and rewarding days,

followed by defeating and exhausting days.

But each life is good,

each life is different,

each life has its mountains.

But we must live it

every moment

of every day.

Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

4 thoughts on “Life.”

  1. A very inspirational piece of writing! This would be great to read every morning to take time to relax and reflect 🙂

    Eve |


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