She sat alone in her dark, gloomy room. Her delicate fingers were crossed. Her heart was out in the open.

She sat there wondering if he had gotten the message she had written on her old notebook paper. She had emptied every piece of her heart onto that paper. Since this was something she had never done before, she was overwhelmed with a brand new feeling. A scary feeling, really, and depending on how this would turn out- a feeling she may never want to feel again.

She had put her heart on the line. What if it wasn’t worth it? What if she had just made a fool of herself?

She rested her head onto her brisk pillow, closed her eyes and saw him.The guy she had absorbed herself with for numerous months. The guy who would silently walk right past her without even a whisper leaving his mouth. Her guy.

The guy who captivated every part of her: her eyes, her mind, her heart. The guy who could cherish the note and appreciate the deepest parts of her; or, the guy who could completely disregard her genuine, lovely words.

The last thought made her shudder with fear. This was a daunting thought for her to fret over, but fret she did.

All night and into the next day, these incessant worries exhausted her mind.

She had given him all the parts of her heart.

Would he break them? Or would he finally make her heart whole again?


Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

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