Whatever Happened to Predictability?

The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV…

When I was in elementary school in the early 2000’s, I don’t think there was a show I watched more than Full House. When it was on Nick @ Nite, you would find me curled up in my bed with my little TV watching it. Then when the show would play again at five in the morning, you can bet my VCR was set to record the next few episodes. Come seven in the morning and it was time to get ready for school, I would listen to the hustling of my VHS tape as it would rewind to the beginning of the show. After eagerly hitting play, I would watch my favorite show as I got ready for school.

Now that Fuller House is streaming on Netflix (finally!), it’s pretty safe to say the majority of all millennials spent their Friday’s watching the whole first season. I also watched my fair share after anxiously awaiting for February 26th to roll around. I was not disappointed at all with the new series and I am eager to see where they end up going with the plotline.

It was interesting to see all the characters grown up: DJ having a family and Stephanie traveling the world. (We miss you, Michelle.) Is it just me- or is Danny Tanner more attractive now than he was 29 years ago? Jesse Katsopolis is handsome as always and is totes one of my many old man crushes. Him and Becky are the ideal couple. Joey Gladstone kept with the “goofy” jokes while Steve still loves his food more than anything. Nicky and Alex all grown up?!! They were hilarious regarding their “career goals.” And of course, Kimmy Gibbler; its like she never even left the set- nothing has changed with her.

The new characters on the show really seem to add to it. I don’t know about you, but it is weird for me to see DJ with not one but THREE kids. (By the way, Candace Cameron-Bure is gorgeous. When I’m a mom I want to look like her.) So far, of her three boys, Max is my favorite because he is incredibly hilarious. (My prediction is that Jackson (oldest son) and Ramonda Gibbler end up having a little romance going on between them.)

Though I would not say I could see this series continuing for multiple seasons, it is very nice to see a piece of my childhood continued. If you’re like me and enjoyed Full house as a child (or adult!), I would definitely recommend giving this series a watch. Is there anything better than a cute, funny family sitcom?



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