Sunday Night Thoughts

I remember when I was little, I looked forwards to Sunday nights; weird, right?

All my favorite Nickelodeon shows were on Sunday nights, specifically I remember Unfabulous with Emma Roberts. I admired her character so much I began writing my own songs like she did (looking back on it it’s hella embarrassing.)

I would get my clothes ready for the week, trying to pick the cutest outfits so I could impress the “popular” girls.

I would get to see my friends again! I was too young to really see my friends every weekend, so I looked forward to Monday’s so we could be reunited.

I loved my teachers! I was definitely a teacher’s pet. (Sorry notttt sorry.)

I loved school then; I really enjoyed it. I liked my friends, my teachers, and learning.

I looked forward to going to my elementary school every day.

Now, I pretty much live at school. I did a complete 180 on my feelings towards school.. I hate it. I have some good friends whom I love, but sometimes I feel like my interests are too eclectic and varied.  Sunday nights, I don’t have Unfabulous or any show really to watch anymore. I don’t pick out my clothes for the weekend anymore because who do I have to impress? All that sits in my head on Sunday nights is the frantic schedule ahead of me: classes, work, tests, homework, studying… rinse and repeat.

College is hectic, college keeps you busy, college raises your stress level. No wonder everyone hates it.

When did we learn to hate school?

I miss the way Sunday night’s used to feel back in the day.

I wanna be excited about school again.


Author: xobrandilarissa

Welcome to my little corner of the world~

One thought on “Sunday Night Thoughts”

  1. I hate sunday nights now… the very thought of going back to hectic schedule once again is just so sad..!! I like my office and i like my work too.. but its just that i like my home more ☺

    U r right.. we never learned to feel like this for school.. those were the days….!! I miss being that young now…


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