Things That Keep Me Going

If you’ve never felt like giving up, are you even human?


I’m thankful every day that I’m really not empty, even on days I feel like I am.

I am blessed with a full heart filled with things and people that keep me going~

High School Friends

I don’t know what cliche group we were considered, and I don’t think I want to. We all seemed to be different, each having our own unique qualities; but, in the end, this is what made us one “group.” I remember times hanging out in the band room either joking around or spreading gossip that probably shouldn’t have been spread. We’d be sitting in calculus or physics, our minds far from either of these subjects, talking about (seemingly) real life issues or simply messing with our teachers.

Back in high school, I thought there was no way the world could keep turning. I firmly believed we were stuck in our day to day high school life forever. But I was wrong. Before I knew it, we were back in the band room our last day of senior year, thinking… wow, this is actually happening. We’re not in high school forever. (Thank God, right?)

I get this same feeling often about college where I will feel like I’m trapped in a continuous cycle of class, homework, stress, repeat. But it’s these memories from high school that help me keep going ; they help me remind myself that, though I thought there was no moving forward back then, I wasn’t stuck then, I’m not stuck now, I will never let myself be stuck. 

I love my high school friends, and they’re the only reason I miss high school. (Sorry not sorry.)

College Friends

My high school friends set up high standards for my college friends, but lucky for me, they met them.

One of my favorite moments from freshman year is spending Friday night running around campus laughing our asses off. We were divided into two groups and made a list of dares for the opposite group to complete. We had to take videos of each dare being met and it was definitely the funniest thing in the world to go back and watch those videos.

As college students, we’re pretty much stressed all the time. Money, classes, work, studying, you name it- stress is our middle name. It’s the memories in between our crazed, hectic days when we manage to use our creativity to help make this panic filled four years worth it. And it’s these memories I’ll miss when I’m stuck working forty hours a week, paying bills, being an adult (yuck.)

My favorite thing about writing this section of the post is that there are so many things that still have yet to happen, more people to meet, and more opportunities to take a hold of with these amazing people in the years to come.



My family has always been a big part of my life, since day 1. Every holiday, birthday, celebration, there’s us together.

Being away from home almost all the time, there’s a lot of things going on I miss, which is one of the hardest parts about being away. I don’t have my mom and dad to lean back on, or my brothers to drive me crazy as well as make me laugh.

Even though I do miss a lot, I never seem to feel apart from them. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by without a warm, loving text from my mom. Not a week goes by without a letter from my grandparents. I get to gawk at pictures of my little brother and his girlfriend  on instagram. I talk about nerdy stuff with my older brother. I send pictures of my food or the snow to my dad.

My family knows how to make someone feel special, loved, and appreciated. Lucky for me, I get to feel this from them every single day, near or far. Without that major influence in my life, I’d be in a dark scary place that I don’t even want to think of. Just knowing I always have them to fall back on (or blame hehe) gives me supeman strength.



From singing “BeAr For My Horses” by Toby Keith in second grade (YES, I thought it was bear) to having summers filled with concerts, music has always understood whatever I was going through.

Anything from country (LUKE BRYAN) to alternative music (Look forward to my post this weekend about the Jack’s Mannequin concert ;)), music saves me. There’s not a mood that I can’t find a song fitting for it.


I’ve talked about it in one of my previous posts, but it’s worth mentioning again;  reading is an essential part of my every day routine. It’s my escape as well as my enjoyment.

I read at night to calm myself and relax my brain from the hectic day I had. Even if I don’t have a hectic day, I still read. My thoughts seem to run full speed at night, but with reading they seem to run not as fast. When people ask me what my hobby is, this is my answer: I read. It doesn’t seem like much, but I enjoy every minute when I get enthralled into a book and it takes me to another world.



What else do I wake up in the morning for? It gives me the energy to make it through…well, half the day until I need another cup.

My inspiration. My motivation. My intelligence. Without my coffee, I would not leave my bed. I would not be a productive member of society. I would be nothing. So, thank you, coffee.



Boyfriend. I don’t think the following words could ever paint the perfect picture of what he is.(I don’t intend on putting too much flattery in this section because I don’t wanna be too cheesy. )

He has the patience and generosity of a saint.

I don’t think there’s a person he wouldn’t be able to make laugh.

Having him as my boyfriend is like having 24/7 entertainment, but I thoroughly enjoy every minute.

This caring, loving, humorous, patient, entertaining guy is the best thing to get me through any day.

And of course, his family is practically my second family and that makes me incredibly happy. They let me in on all their intimate family events and I’m forever grateful for that.

I’m def a lucky gal.


These are the things and people in my life that keep me going day to day while providing me with inspiration and strength…what makes me, me.



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