Snowy Saturday

Motivation and inspiration where you at?

I was suppose to spend today in the car going to Philadelphia for the Jess Glynne concert, but thanks blizzard, you ruined that for me. (And I lost over a hundred dollars because of it, sweet.) It did end up being a smart decision because people were stuck on the turnpike for hours upon hours. Yay for adult decisions!

Though today ended up being relaxing, my motivation and inspiration seemed to leave me in the dust. I woke up, made myself oatmeal, coffee, and a green smoothie. Read some of The Clockwork Angel, still somewhat in my “reading hangover” from The Impossible Knife of Memory. (That ending keeps running through my brain!!)

I’ve been watching Game of Thrones and am now over halfway through the season.

The majority of my day was spent in a blogger’s writing block wondering what the heck do I write next?!

I know you’re reading this probably thinking “Brandi, you’re already writing something, how can you still be wondering what to write next?!” Because, curious person, I wanna do another blog post where I outdo and surprise myself. I’ve been toying with blogging ideas all day long, while starting and saving numerous drafts (I now have 19 unfinished posts.) I wanna pick something creative where my skills as a writer are challenged.

Another portion of my day was spent looking at numerous upon numerous blogs wondering How can I manage to write as well as them? How can I be as creative as them? How do I get inspired like they do? I know this goes against my whole Good For Her Not For Me post, oops. Told you guys I have that bad habit of comparing myself to others as well.

I wanna provide readers with a blog filled with books, life advice, and short stories. In the end, that is my goal. For now, I’m gonna keep toying with different ideas until I spark something in my brain.

If you’re a blogger and somehow manage to keep ideas rolling in your head, I applaud you, and I hope one day I can experience that talent for myself. If you’re willing to share that secret, please do, I’m begging.

I also struggled with getting motivated to do school work. I mean, it’s a Saturday, who wants to spend it with their head in a text book?! Me? Nope.

Also, for fellow college students out there that manage to get all their school work done ahead of time: Can I have tips for that as well? Please & thank you.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I hope it is spent being a productive member of society in regards to school and blogging. Wish me luck.



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