Things We Learn to Appreciate After Going Away to College

About a year and a half ago, I moved two hours away to attend college. This was obviously an exciting and nerve racking time; new school, new friends, new place to live, new teachers….well, basically new everything. (And I HATE change.)

The worst part to almost everyone about “new everything” is the new responsibilities. When going away to college, it’s most likely you’re living on your own for the first time while gaining more responsibility (i.e. cooking for yourself, doing your own laundry, waking up on your own without your mom yelling to you when you hit “snooze” too many times.)(That goes out to my 17 year old brother.) For some people, it is in fact shocking to find out… mom and dad are not gonna drive hours to do your laundry and cook you dinner. Though we all wish they would, trust me.

But with new responsibilities comes new appreciation for the little things in life.

1. Giant Eagle gift cards

Let’s face it; shopping for groceries is a nuisance and hard on the wallet, especially for us college kids who have a low pay (if we even have a pay at all!) So family, friends, acquaintances: you are more than welcome to purchase us Giant Eagle gift cards at any time. Or any gift card, really.

2. Leftovers

Leftovers have always been a big thing at my house growing up: “Mom, what’s for dinner?” “Leftovers.” “Ewwww!!” I hated them. Now, when I actually have the ingredients and energy to cook something, having food leftover is the greatest thing. Cause you know what that means! We don’t have to cook tomorrow. Score.

Also: having leftovers after eating out. Also great.

**Disclaimer: Sometimes, I don’t cook even if there are no leftovers.

3. The coin you find on the ground

What? I don’t care if the penny was facing up or not! I’m picking it up anyway. Money is money. If you save enough of it, you can get a soda from the vending machine.

4. Snooze button

When I was in high school, all I heard from my college friends was “When you get to college this” and “When you get to college that”. Most of it was BS, because college experiences are different for everyone. Thankfully, my older brother was not one of these people. The one thing he did tell me was once college starts, I’ll use my snooze button very often. Whaddya know? Freshman year fall semester, I had an 8 AM class with an alarm set at 7 AM. My final alarm usually went off about 7:30 ish.

5. An empty laundry basket

Seriously, is there a better feeling than seeing your empty laundry basket in your room? It’ represents so much! No dirty laundry, you can wear anything you want tomorrow, one weight lifted off your shoulders. A beautiful sight indeed.

6. Snow days (Even though they never happen.)

I was actually fortunate enough to have two of these freshman year- which was the first time my school cancelled classes in years. Though it is still great when this would occur during high school, it’s a whole different feeling come college. (You don’t have to make up that school day!)

But please high school friends, don’t get us started on two hour delays. They get us college kids very salty.

7. A good pair of sweatpants

You know the kind: fit you just right, comfortable, not too bummy that you can’t wear them outside your apartment, and you can even get away with sleeping in them then wearing them to class in the morning. A God-given gift to mankind.

8. Snow boots

Ahh, yes; I go to school in one of the snowiest cities in America! Having a good pair of snow boots not only keep your feet warm but also prevent you from slipping and falling in front of everyone. Invest in them.

9. Spotify and Pandora

Yes, we love our free music and we listen to it walking to class, during class (sorry professor), doing homework, eating dinner…you name it.

What did YOU start to appreciate after going to college?


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