Reading as my Stress Reliever

If you know me at all, you probably know that since junior high I’ve had irregular stomach pain. No other symptoms, just a very uncomfortable pain in my stomach. Since it started, I began trying to figure out what foods could be causing the pain. For weeks and weeks I tried to figure out the root cause of this pain. “Let’s not eat dairy for a few days and see what happens!”  “Ow, my stomach hurts but I haven’t eaten, why is that?” “I ate a banana and it caused my stomach this much pain?!”

I went to my regular doctor, but he was not able to tell me the root cause of the stomach pain either. He directed me to a gastroenterologist.

I remember sitting in the waiting room with my mom….for a very…very….long period of time. I was in the waiting room longer than my doctor actually saw me. Yes, I am still bitter about it.

When I finally met the doctor, he asked me all kinds of questions regarding my stomach. All I could tell him was there was no rhyme or reason to the pain, it usually happened at the end of the school day, and the pain was just getting old.

“Do you get nervous a lot?” he asked me. I thought about it and told him yeah, I suppose so, but mainly just because of school.

Then, the doctor sat down and told me my stomach pain was just simply a symptom of stress. Seriously? Stress? Are you serious?!!

He told me I have non-ulcer dyspepsia.

This can be triggered from certain foods, but ultimately for me, my stomach pain was just a result of the stress going on in my life. {Stress any normal teenager would have: Will the hot boy talk to me today? Will I actually pass my chemistry exam? Why won’t my hair cooperate?!! (a problem I have very often!)}

Anyway, the point of this post is to not ramble about my stomach pain; I’m fine, I’m living, it’s not unbearable, don’t worry about me.

The point is that reading can help calm me from all the stress in my life. The book Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver showed me how reading can help me relax; it was the first book I read when I learned my stomach pain was just a physical symptom of stress.

It was a good book! 3.7/5. Lauren Oliver is a talented author and I enjoyed the characters and the plot line. I consider this book one of my favorites and recommend it to others quite often when they a contemporary read.

Anyways, I love reading. It takes me to another world. It teaches me life lessons without having to learn the hard way. I meet new (albeit fictional) people, and I feel as if they are actually my friends.

I read before I go to sleep to relax me. I read when I need a break from school. I read to forget about my life for a bit.

So, reading is my stress reliever. What’s yours?



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5 thoughts on “Reading as my Stress Reliever”

  1. Unfortunately stress and its more hardcore counterpart anxiety can actually cause physical symptoms. I know it is terrible, isn’t it? I have had to deal with it too. Makes my tummy feel unsettled all the time but thank goodness we have books and reading. Great post!

    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog


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