Favorite Childhood Books

So today, to continue dipping my feet into the blogging world’s water, I decided to share with you my favorite books from my childhood (in no particular order!)

~The Velveteen Rabbit-Margery Williams


Most people know the story of The Velveteen Rabbit; a young boy receives a stuffed rabbit as a Christmas rabbit. It took a bit of time, but eventually the young boy begins to adore the rabbit. . When the young boy develops scarlet fever, the doctor order all of the boy’s toys to be burnt, even the velveteen rabbit.

(Just because I don’t wanna be that person, I’m not gonna give away much more, even though most people are aware of the story.)

For this book, I tried to ask my mom for some details about me reading this book because all I remember is her always telling me that I liked this book. What she said was:

I bought you a nice copy of the Velveteen Rabbit when you were younger because I liked the story. I would read it to you at night, but you didn’t even like reading that much! It took you a while for you to actually get into reading books on your own.

So, there it is,my secret is out: it took me a while to actually enjoy sitting down and reading a book. Still, the Velveteen Rabbit will be one of my favorite classic stories.

~Love You Forever– Robert Munsch


I am not gonna bother with a quick summary for this book. A lot of mom’s I know have already read this to their kids. In my case,  my mom read this to me and my brothers when we were little. She cried every time.

If you’re a mom out there and have not read this to your children, do so. Right now. I don’t care if you’re kids are already grown up; do yourself a favor and purchase this book to read to them. If you’re anything like my mom, you will cry. You can thank me later.

I know for a fact when I have kids of my own I will read this to them every day starting the day they are born.


~Wacky Wednesday-Dr. Seuss

wacky wed

This is just another silly book by Dr. Seuss; it goes through a boy’s school day and illustrates all the “wacky” things he encounter but no one else seems to notice.

Another book my mom would read to me and my brothers! I remember it being such a light, humorous read that would bring so many giggles to my brothers and I. 🙂

~Mallory on the Move- Laurie B. Friedman


This book is about an 8 year old girl, Mallory, who moves away from not only her hometown, but more importantly her childhood best friend. Like most young kids would be, she was very,very upset about it. In this new town, she has no friends. Her only options would be the mean girl next door or Joey. But,  Mallory made a pact with her childhood best friend to never befriend any “boy next door.” Should Mallory betray her best friend to become friends with Joey? Or should she choose her best friend who now lives hours away?

I remember reading this book when I was in fourth grade and breezing right through it.This is actually one of the first books I had read on my own, as well as it being the book that really got me into reading. (Back to my mom’s quote, I did not like reading at first… which makes me sad to think about.)

I was jealous of the friendship between Mallory and her best friend, as well as Mallory’s new neighborhood (It had a pond!!) I actually reread this book a few years ago just because I was feeling nostalgic. ❤

~The Wedding Planner’s Daughter


Willa moves to a new town and believes it is the right time for her mom to remarry, as well as Willa getting a new father for herself! She begins playing matchmaker with her mother and their neighbor Sam, meanwhile finding a guy of her own.

One of my first YA books that I read in less than a day during one summer.  I loved the plot line and the characters, and for some reason the story just really seemed to click with me.I recently found out there are more books in this series I haven’t read. (Is it weird if I read elementary level books? If it is, I don’t care.)


So here they are-a few select books that I not only have fond memories of reading but also books that sparked my love of reading.

Thank you for reading this and I wanna know- what are your favorite childhood books? What books got you into reading?




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5 thoughts on “Favorite Childhood Books”

  1. The Dr Seuss books were my favorite to read to you guys. Wacky Wednesday was truly the only one that I NEVER got tired of reading, only cause of how you guys responded to it. Every time. You guys cracked up. Even though we seriously had to have read it hundreds of times.


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