Last night I finished #2 in the Throne of Glass series: Crown of Midnight!

I loved it, obviously. It was amazing.

I am currently debating on whether my next Fantasy read will be Heir of Fire.


Anyways, I really enjoyed Crown of Midnight. The plot kept me interested in reading the book (The first book I finished since my reading slump began.) I personally thought it was a little slow in the beginning and it took me about 60 pages for it to finally “catch” my interest. Especially once the characters began to develop.

Dorian really grew on me throughout the book. I was a little iffy on him in Throne of Glass because he was a little too conceited and self absorbed for me. Which, now that I think of it, is possibly what Sarah was going for. But, I really enjoyed his character development throughout the story. His loyalty and compassion truly came out during the story and I absolutely devoured it. 🙂

Though I do love Dorian I fully love and ship Chaol and Celaena AGGGGHH. There relationship reminded me of my own (until the twist but ya know) and I basically just love them. It physically and emotionally hurt me when they were torn apart.

NEHEMIA. I DID NOT SEE IT COMING. When Dorian and Nehemia had their “moment” earlier I had a feeling maybe they would get together??? But… sadly I was wrong. Ugh.

I also did not see the ending coming either… at all. That really took me by surprise and I actually ended up just kind of sitting there when I finished the book… and kinda soaked it all in… but I think I am still soaking it in…


Anyway, this was basically my main feelings and thoughts towards the book.

Did you guys read it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

~I am really excited that I finally finished a book and I hope this means I am out of my reading slump!~

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!




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